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How to Get Rid Of Pimples

Pimples are often caused by bacteria invading the skin and setting up an infection, which in turn leads to inflammation. Squeezing infected pimples by hand is a bad way of dealing with them, because not only does it end up traumatising the skin, it also introduces new bacteria from your hand into the pimple. On top of which, it causes the infected material inside the pimple to burst over your face, setting up fresh infection in nearby pores.

There is in any case a much, much better ways of dealing a pimple than using your hands to pop it. A proper, stainless steel pimple popper tool does the job far better, without spreading infection, and without traumatising the skin. Simply remember to sterilise it before each use, and it will give much better results than even the cleanest fingers.

Other useful strategies for dealing with pimples include de-stressing, because stress causes hormonal imbalances which can affect the way your body responds to inflammation. And eating a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and especially green leafy vegetables, will make a massive difference in the way your body responds to infection and inflammation. At the same time, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and avoid all forms of junk food – white rice, white flour, all sugar, refined fats like margarine. The more natural your diet, the healthier your skin will be.     

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