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Benefits of staying fit

Fitness is a great way to stay fit. Exercising regularly  has innumerable advantages to  the body and the mind.

• Stronger muscles and bones – Fitness exercises that work for the muscles, such as weight lifting, improve the muscles and increase bone density. People over 40, who have greater risks of developing osteoporosis and arthritis, can maintain healthy body for a longer time through fitness.

• Losing weight – Fitness burns calories and reduces body fat. If you exercise regularly , the body will not only burn calories while you're working out  , but it will also burn calories while you're relaxing. If you combine fitness with a healthy diet, you will have healthy and great looking body.

• Reducing stress – You have numerous stress factors in your life, and stress is very unsafe to your health and it can give you a overall state of irritability and worry. Exercising relieves stress and triggers the secretion of endorphins in the body. Endorphins, also called "the happiness hormone" create a state of relaxation. There is something called "a runner's high". This basically means that people feel happier after exercising.

• A more restful sleep – Stress and health problems sometime cause insomnia and other sleep disorders. Fitness will give you a deep and restful sleep, which is essential for the body to be able to recover and function properly.You can visit to know about fitness.

• Increased ability to focus – Study shows that people who exercise think quickly . Fitness does not only do miracles for the body, but it also benefits the mind, by  improving circulation of  the brain and takes away the stress.

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