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How to Increase Your Energy Levels

Do you drink coffee or soda often? Do you know where every Starbucks is in a 5 mile radius? Do you go to bed at night visualizing and looking forward to your first cup of coffee in the morning? Do You?  It took me a year to quit imbibing coffee, I think I might have cried once or twice, not sure, it’s kind of unsure.

Unluckily for us coffee lovers, drinking coffee can smashup the body. Drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages causes the body to discharge stress hormones including adrenaline. This upsurges the body's blood pressure and blood sugar levels and while you feel observant, the more coffee you drink, the more nervousness you feel. You can get information about Patriot Power Greens by visiting various websites.

When the effects of the coffee start to wear off, you start to feel exhausted and less alert, the blood sugar drops and this causes you to want sugar. You get bad-tempered, moody, and unhappy and then drink more coffee and eat something sweet, rinse and repeat. Sound familiar?

The more coffee or caffeinated beverages we drink the more we require. The adrenal glands become exhausted and are not able to pump out as much adrenaline. The body is in a continuous state of stress. Caffeine intake during the day can also disturb our sleep at night leading to even more fatigue because you did not get a good night’s rest.

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