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History of Fancy Dress

The tradition of dressing up for several occasions has recently been around for many centuries in many cultures, all over the world. What the British refers to as "fancy dress" in British English, the Americans call it "costumes". Therefore, a fancy dress party is more or less exactly like a outfit party.

The Victorian time witnessed the popularity of fancy dress parties – Queen Victoria herself loved putting on a costume. Fancy dress events evolved from the 15th century Italian masquerade golf balls. These balls were public festivities that were closely associated with the traditional Venetian Carnival. They were essentially held for the upper class. You can visit to hire fancy costumes.

This pattern swept through Europe in the 17th and eighteenth centuries, reaching London in the 18th century. In no time, colonies in the new world were experiencing their own type of masquerade gatherings. Since masquerade parties were infamously associated with immoral conduct carried out behind a mask, the trend of masquerade parties started to looked down upon.

By the 19th century, masquerade parties/balls became pass?. This particular was when people began to discard the masks and focused more on dressing up up as a personality of a particular era. Traditional and royal figures, literary personalities, celebrities, characters from books and poems were among those on which people based their halloween costumes.

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