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What is an Arduino microcontroller?

Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Or automate some electronic devices at home? Then Arduino is a perfect piece of hardware for you. Go to for specific Arduino projects with all details including electronic diagrams, code and step by step guides.

Arduino is a small board made in Italy. Originally for educational purposes. The goal was to make it cheap and very easy to use. That was achieved by removing the need for using an external programmer. You simply plug the Arduino to your computer using a USB port, upload a code and it is ready to be used.

What can it do? It has many input and output pins capable of reading data from any type of sensors and controlling devices like servos or lights. And not only digital, but also analog ones. That mean you are not limited to sending just zero or one, but also any value in between to control for example a light intensity or motor speed.

But remember it is still "just" a microcontroller, so it does not run any operating system like a computer (for example Raspberry Pi). Due to this fact, however, it is much faster (booting under one second) and more reliable.

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