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Different Types of Car Accidents

While no car accident feels common when you are involved in it, there are some types of car accidents that occur more often than others. Below you will find a list of the most common car accident a short explanation of how they might happen.

Rear end collisions: These are most likely to happen when one vehicle is stopped. This could be because of a traffic light or stop sign. If the following vehicle fails to stop in a timely manner they run into the back of the stopped car.

Head on collisions: This type of accident most frequently occurs when both vehicles are moving in opposite directions. Sometimes one driver is pulling out to pass a car and fails to see an oncoming car. Both cars meet head on, usually causing harm to the engines and sometimes to the drivers or passengers in the cars.You can know about los angeles auto accident attorney via various websites.

Pedestrian involved accidents: Normally if a pedestrian is involved in a car accident it is when crossing a street or road. The person crossing may not notice the vehicle and the driver may not see the pedestrian. Sadly this happens most often with young children and elderly people who cannot react fast enough to avoid being hit.

Collisions involving multiple vehicles: Accidents such as this frequently happen on busy highways, often due to bad climate conditions that make it difficult to control the vehicles involved. However, they could occur on any busy street with a higher speed limit. When cars are traveling faster, it takes more time to slow down or stop, making it more difficult to avoid an accident.

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