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The Skill and Passion Of Executive Presence

Executive Presence points not only to what you do as a leader but analytically who you are while doing so. And it will come as no surprise when I tell you that it’s all about resonance, it’s about the energy you bring to any situation, how you show up, because your ability to resonate speaks louder than words.

Executive Presence is easy to promote but hard to define. We all know it when we see it in action but there is no single size that fits all formulas  for success. Guidance is shifting, faster than ever before and who you are as a leader is now more important than ever. You can know more about skills and passion of executive presence  by joining leadership training program.

These form the roots of your Executive Presence; the message or impression that comes to mind when people come into contact with you or even think about you. Here are some of the origins of resonance which form a powerful foundation for Executive Presence.

Emotional occurrence – This speaks to your emotional and social intelligence to convey powerful messages. Your behaviors need to prove your passion. You also need to be aware of your impact on others, show that you care deeply and are ready to listen to what matters most to your people.

Mental presence – There is no hesitation you need to develop a high level of professional capability in speaking, presenting, writing and communicating your ideas. It won’t count if you are the most knowledgeable individual in your industry if you can’t communicate.

Spiritual presence – Your soul as a leader matters, becoming mindful and advocating conscious business. This is your why. It tells people what you believe in, what you are taking a stand for in this world and why they should listen.

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