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Crossing State Lines With Your Estate Plan

Moving to a  new home probably means making long lists of Things to Do. Make sure to add an Estate Strategy Review high on the list, if you're moving across state lines.

Although each state must honor legal documents made in other states, each state makes its own laws for substance and the formalities of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives. This can result in some confusing consequences. To put it differently, your old will or power of attorney may be a valid legal document but it may not be implemented as you would presume because local state law differs from your old home state's laws.If you are one among those who need an estate lawyer  for being out of all the estate issues then you can visit–wealth-preservation-lawyer_pa23282.htm online.


Medical Directives

State laws differ widely on health care powers of attorney, doctor's directives, and living wills. Physicians and hospitals are most knowledgeable about the medical directive forms under the laws of their state.

Last Will and Testament

Each state has its own rules about wills are created and interpreted. There are important variations that are technical and that only a competent estate planning attorney will identify.

Living Trust

Like wills, each state has its own laws regulating trusts. Development of law by judicial decisions instead of statutes enacted by state legislatures can take quite a while and often lags behind current trends and problems. 

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