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Top locations of Los Angeles

Los Angeles which also means "The Angels" in Spanish is situated in the state of California, United States of America. It is the most densely populated city of the state and is also the 14th most significant city in the world. Having such a huge population means people from practically all races and religions call Los Angeles their home, making it is the most culturally diverse city on the planet in real sense. You can visit different top locations of Los Angeles via

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You could discover every design of architectural mastery. You can take a trip up and down the seaside to check out every single idiosyncratic beach locations. You can also visit different parks and gorges to flee the feeling of Los Angeles totally to discover natural jungles, hikes, and even waterfalls. Photography enthusiasts in Los Angeles are usually looking for image capture locations other than the Walt Disney Concert Area, Union Station as well as City Hall and they may discover a greater likelihood of unique photographs at the following sites. The lists of photo shoot locations of Los Angeles are listed below:


1. Downtown LA

2. Griffiths Park Observatory

3. Manhattan Beach

4. Millard Canyon

5. Santa Monica

6. The Corona Lake

7. The Getty Museum

8. The University of A Bunch of states – Los Angeles (UCLA)

9.  Venice Beach

10. Walt Disney Concert Hall


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