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Siren Song Personal Safety Alarm – New Emergency Alert Device

The Siren Song is a personal self-defense siren that can be activated to deter attackers and alert those nearby. Here’s our Siren Song review.

What is the Siren Song?

The Siren Song is a small keychain device that packs a powerful audible punch. When activated, the Siren Song lets loose a 130-decibel alarm. The device also features a LED light.

The goal of the Siren Song is to deter attackers or to call for nearby help when you’re in trouble. The alarm can be heard from a distance.

As the makers of the Siren Song explain, the device “keeps women and children safe at all time”. It can be attached to your keychain for convenient access. It also looks a lot like a wireless car key, so attackers may not realize you have a personal self-defense tool. To buy Siren Song personal care alert alarm, you can visit different websites.

Siren Song Features

The Siren Song comes with all of the following features:

-Keychain: Compact keychain makes it easy to hold the Siren Song at all times.

-130 Decibel Alarm: You can hear the Siren Song from a long distance when activated.

-Built-In Flashlight: Powerful LED lets you see in the dark whether it’s late at night or you’re deterring an attacker.

-Unique Design: The Siren Song was designed by a team of engineers. That design purportedly amplifies sound.

Siren Song Pricing

The Siren Song is priced at $39.95 USD when purchased through the official website. However, the company recently launched a promotion where you can get a number of the devices at a discounted rate.

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