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Rome, a City Built on Beauty

Rome is home to some of the greatest art and architecture treasures in the world in addition to its beautiful cityscape, exciting nightlife, and luxurious and beautiful hotels. These wonders, along with possibly the best food found anywhere, make Rome the city to see.

Visitors to Rome will at once become immersed in history. The entire history of the city can be seen through its many ancient buildings, sculptures, and the magnificent artwork found in the city's museums. Rome's ancient beginnings can be seen in Greek and Roman architecture, its contributions to the modern world in Renaissance and Baroque paintings and sculpture.You can know about expert Rome travel guide via various websites.

The starting point of any Roman experience should be the magnificent Borghese Gallery. The suburban Borghese villa, erected in the early 1600s, was home to the rich and powerful Borghese family.

Great patrons of the arts, this illustrious family became the first patrons of a young artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. His works can be found, along with many other old masters, in the gallery. Treat your senses to Caravaggio, Raphael, Rubens, and Titian just to name a few. The Borghese Gallery also houses a sculpture garden with works by Bernini and the famous "Paolini" by Canova.

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