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Halong Bay – The Hidden Gem of Nature

Halong Bay is a beautiful city in Vietnam. Halong Bay takes the breath away with its mysterious yet enchanting beauty. These 3,000 naturally-formed limestone pillars, known as karst, are what make Halong Bay a unique place not found anywhere else in the world, and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1994. Here, you can explore a landscape of fascinating caves, arches and lakes, filled with rare wildlife.You can know about the best halong bay junk via

Karst is not unique in Asia, as these limestone towers are also found in Thailand's Krabi Island and China's Guilin region. But Vietnam's Halong Bay leaves other karst formations in the dust, as the islets here fill the entire bay as far as the eye can see, almost like a civilization that has been drowned by the ocean. Some of these islands are also so large that they have lakes, beaches and forests filled with animals.

Located in Northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is 165 kilometers from Vietnam's capital, Hanoi, and forms a part of the Gulf of Tonkin. It is possible to arrive by land via Halong City, but the best way to come is actually by boat from Hanoi, which also offers lovely sea views on the way and the opportunity to spend a night sleeping on a boat. International cruises also frequently come this way, bringing visitors to shore to visit the islands.

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