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Garbage Bags For Your Home

In order to tackle your day-to-day trash removal needs efficiently, you need to stock different types of garbage bags for your home use. To effectively sort them and dispose of them, you can find them in a variety of makes and feature. You can contact us at 1-800-750-BAGS (2247) if you need to know more about poly bags and its uses.

 High-Density Garbage Bags

These bags are used for collecting non-sharp objects and paper under moderate transportation conditions. They are designed and developed with quality material and can withstand easy wear and tear. They can be found in varying capacities and thickness. 

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Some of these bags have star seal bottoms for easy lifting and preventing the vacuum from forming at the bottom of the container. They are made up of 100% recyclable resins, and heavy metal-free inks and colorants. Some of its popular models include Hi-D Black Super Xtra Hay Rolls, Black Super Xtra Hvy Flatpack, and Black Economy Ecosac Can Liners.

Low-Density Can Liners

Just as high density can liners, low-density garbage bags also come with high tear-resistant properties. They are ideal for disposing of wet paper and sharper objects. They can be availed in the range of color combinations. Some of the can liners generally used include brown linear low density can liner, black low density can liners, brown heavy grade liners, a black heavy flat pack can liners and much more.

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