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Stand Out With Cool Looking Sunglasses

The very first time most of us come into experience of eyeglasses is either because we started getting headaches at college and went along to see an optician; or mainly because we wanted to appear cool on vacation, and bought our first couple of decent sunglasses. If you have great eyesight, and do not need corrective lenses, then you might already remember that your sunglasses fit into the category called non prescription glasses.

Non Prescription Fashion Glasses

Sunglasses are an illustration and are worn purely for fashion, or have an objective besides to fix vision defects. Sunglasses have always had a component to play in fashion, and been worn by people who want to look cool. However, a new trend has emerged throughout the last few years, started by "ordinary folk" and rapidly embraced by celebrities including Cate Blanchett and Helena Christensen – the type of geek chic.

The new geek chic style has seen the re-emergence of big chunky glasses rather than discreet thin-framed or rimless ones – think Buddy Holly and you will be in the right ballpark. The lenses themselves are completely fake, just plastic without corrective properties. Well, you can find better quality eyewear at one store and that is acquire men’s prescription glasses from Steven Alan Optical store store.

In spite of the misgivings of "real" eyeglasses wearers, who years ago were probably teased mercilessly for their specs, the fashion for non prescription, non correcting glasses has grown quickly. Some stores have even reported teenagers spending a lot of cash on glasses, only to pop out the lenses while they leave the store!

The reason why for wearing such fake glasses include, obviously, people wanting to follow along with the most recent trend; but additionally there are people wearing them because they look more intelligent, or because they allow the in-patient to project an alternative solution persona.

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