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Can Social Media Replace Email Marketing?

Now that we are doing great on social media, can't we finish putting efforts on email marketing? This topic has been asked many times, either on the internet or in some of our meetings. As a digital agency, it was anyhow seen as an insult, not to the team, nor the agency, but to online marketing in general. Each time a "new" effective platform pops-up, we need to cancel the previous one. Well, that's clearly not the way things work.

We just answer this question with: "social media can NOT replace emails". Here are the reasons why it doesn't replace email marketing:

Emails are more private than social networks 

Either in B2C or B2B, talk about an offer, a promotion or an update through Facebook, Twitter or any other social network makes the conversation impersonal. When a Facebook page or a Twitter account write a post, it would be addressed to the common public. While in an email/newsletter, a company can address each individual in the contact list with the first and last name.You can also search for Digital Marketing Agency Toronto by looking online.

With social networks, there's nowhere to run

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, and lately Instagram, businesses have to run ads to increase their offers, promotions, or simply their announcement. To do that, they have to target people according to their interests, jobs, demographics… etc. Not all users who see the ad will feel concerned or involved in it. Therefore, their newsfeed might get full of similar inappropriate ads. The only way to get rid of them is to… God forbids… quit the social networks! On the other hand, if users experience irrelevant emails, they can simply unsubscribe from the list, in a click of a switch. And poof… no more emails from this sender.

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