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Dosage for Weight Loss

Weight loss by medicine has become a remedy for those who cannot go out for exercise. One of them is weight loss, so this medicine is also used as a weight loss medicine. If you want to get more details regarding weight loss and weight loss pills,  then you can  visit website and can easily get the information about it.

But this medicine is given with great care as it can result is excessive weight loss. It is not recommended for growing children. This medicine is not actually approved as a medicine for losing weight so one has to consult a doctor if he wishes to use it.

It can prove out to be really dangerous for those who do not follow the prescription. This medicine has more side effects like memory loss so it is not a good choice to make. You should have full information before you try it. It is known that side effects of this medicine are much more than its benefits like dizziness and fatigue, burning and tingling, loss of appetite, change of taste, nausea, diarrhea, joint pain and abdominal pain.

Such side effects can make a person lazy and can cause him to lose the concentration. This is why it is not approved by FDA. Some physicians might recommend it but using it without prescription is a mistake. This medicine is highly restricted for growing children. So there are many other medicines available that are purely for the weight loss purpose and are authorized too.

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