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Concrete Wine Fermentation Tanks Make Great Wine

A year ago I wrote a story about some winery owners. I was drawn to these stories because of a passion for wine, knowing many of the winery owners and appreciating that many of them started from scratch.

Also, I respect their efforts to be innovative. One of the innovations I discovered was the use of concrete fermentation tanks until recently they were brought to Napa from Europe. But now, high-quality concrete tanks are made in the U.S.

And recently I had a meeting with some winemakers and overheard a conversation about concrete fermentation tanks and recalled the prior conversation with a winemaker and the experiences she had with concrete. You can read the blogs of Michael Asimos to know more tips on wine tasting.

Now my interest is piqued anew about concrete in winemaking. Concrete can be interesting, so let me tell you about making concrete tanks for wine.

In the U.S., there are a couple of manufacturers who design and building concrete fermentation tanks for the wine industry. These companies are located close to wine country.

Concrete has been around since Roman times and it has been used in the wine industry in Europe for several hundred years; but you are only seeing renewed interest in concrete in the U.S.

wine industry within the last 10 years. The serious popularity of concrete with Napa, Sonoma and Central Coast wineries has just hit its stride within the past 5 years. This in part is due to the innovative thinkers who make fine wines.

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