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How to successfully set up Electronic Queuing System?

Electronic Queuing system or crowd control stanchion is used to control the flow of customer traffic in stores and to maintain order of checkout lines. We use retractable belt stanchions to adjust the checkout lines as required, because customer traffic varies throughout the day. Because of stanchions, customers wait in queues in a patient way. Crowd control stanchions make the staff less stressful as the crowd is handled through stanchions and navigators are used to direct people. This is the easiest way to control the customers as they cannot jump or cut in front of others from the queue. Also this is the fairer way for single line customers. In this system, it is first come, first served. People wait for less time as the work is done sequentially. And this helps in business as well, people are more likely to buy more things as they are standing in the line.

If we consider line system, what makes it ineffectual? When customers have to wait in long queues they get frustrate or get irritated. The biggest problems come from the unfairness of the queue itself.  Sometimes customers of the next lane might get served first, or your lane moves fast and then there is no movement in your lane. This actually irritates or frustrates customers and makes them feel that the queues or lanes are not fair.

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