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Swing Stage Scaffold And Compliance Requirement In Scaffolding Code Of Practice

Swing stage scaffold is a type of suspended scaffold also known as two point adjustable suspension scaffolds. It is suspended via ropes beside the building wall, supported by the hooks on ropes over parapet above. The pulleys help it to be raised or lowered as needed. It is normally provided by Scaffold Hire concerns for maintenance contracts.

Swing scaffold is normally used for exterior works predominantly cleaning jobs, painting or some sort of repair work. Scaffolding Sydney is guided by Scaffolding code of practice that requires compliance with various regulations due to significant risks attached with using Swing Stage Scaffold. Below is an overview of compliance requirements :

Design And Engineering

All components of the suspension rig should be designed and documented by a qualified and suitably experienced engineer. Verification must be carried out of all the design.


Work load limit will need to be marked on the scaffold. WLL may vary depending on the size of scaffold, built, material used in building, quality and other factors. Operators must verify the mass of the load before taking it onto the scaffolds.

Load Limit Factors

Scaffold hoists should have a device to limit the lifting capacity of the hoist to a maximum of 1.25 time the rating of hoist. This prevents failure in the event of cradle snagging on obstruction.


  • Verification by engineer that scaffold has been installed properly.

  • On subsequent moves and reinstallation, it must be reverified by the competent personnel.


  • Proper inspection must be carried out by competent personnel.

  • Non destructive testing is performed to check any anomalies in heavy stress areas.

Fall Arrest System

It necessitates the need to wear fall arrest system by the work force working on scaffolding. Fall arrest systems used shall comply with  WHS regulation.

Public Protection

Consider carrying out repair works on a building still operational. It necessitates safety measures to be taken for protection of public around the site to minimise risk.

Training and Competence

It necessitates training requirements for contractor and person working on scaffold.

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