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6 Areas Where Car Tuning Be Carried Out

Maintenance of your vehicle is one of the tasks that should be carried out with due care and knowledge. Urban folks of Sydney are fond of their rides and are always willing to spend exorbitantly to keep their rides up to the mark. Buying a perfect car is one thing and looking for a suitable car mechanic sydney for its upkeep and maintenance is another. Talking about loving your car, auto-tuning is what a person requires to customise his car in a personalized manner. Auto-tuning or car tuning is a modification of performance or appearance of a vehicle. An experienced and skilled mechanic is required for tuning job. Here are the basic areas where tuning can be carried out:


Stock audio system i.e. the one built by a manufacturer is normally primitive in quality. The audio system is the first thing people normally replace. A custom audio installation involves speakers and twitters at basic to adding amplifiers, high profile audio system, subwoofers and a good wiring system.




To make it a performance car, it has to adhere to some regulations including minimum weight. One way to adhere to weight requirement is to strip off the interiors and add safety equipment like fire extinguishers, reinforced bucket seats, roller cages etc.


Engine tuning is changing the inherent characteristics of a stock engine. You need highly skilled mechanics of glebe to handle engine tuning. Intake manifold, spark plugs, volume air flow, air filters, fuel injection system, are some of the components where changes can be made. Turbocharger and nitrous system are some of the additions made to the engine for performance enhancement.


Suspension tuning involves modifying the springs, shock absorbers, sway bars, and other related components of a vehicle.


It is an enhancement of physical characteristics of a car to make it look attractive. Some of the tuning components are vinyl, spoilers, carbon fiber hoods, alloy wheels, side skirts and roof scoop etc.


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